Erin Rice- Metalsmith

Recently, I have chosen to explore the concept of aging through the creation of vessels composed of industrial structures and medical elements. These vessels are composed of hand blown glass, metal, enamel, and other materials including silicone and latex medical tubing. I consider the vessels to be a form of reliquary, and my exploration into the idea of what is deemed precious and important. Time, in my opinion, is one of the most valuable resources we have and it is impossible to contain. Through the aging process, medical procedures become common and are done in order to lengthen our time or improve our quality of life. I create vessels that show humanity’s relationship to the industrial materials and medical practices that are prevalent in life.
Some of my pieces contain objects, while others have been left empty in order to raise the question of what they could contain, or what they might be used for. Many of the vessels have medical undertones that enable the viewer to relate to common life experiences, while others contain architectural and industrial elements to reference the body as an architectural structure. I enjoy creating work that allows the viewer to reference his or her own experiences while discussing the concept of aging.